The program is as follows


9th 8-9.30 PM CET
Max Haiven

Conspiracy swarms in capital’s vengeful utopia

Q&A moderated by Mikkel Krause Frantzen

Passcode: 166846 

8-9.30 PM CET
Lisa Baraitser

Care, Waiting & Utopia

Q&A moderated by Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt

Passcode: 111951


28th 8-9.30 PM CET
David Bell

Q&A moderated by Tue Andersen Nexø

Passcode: 241721


11th 8-9.30 PM CET
Sophie Lewis
Utopia beyond kinship, too
Q&A moderated by Bue Rübner Hansen 

Passcode: 809668

17th 8-9.30 PM CET
Arne De Boever
Submission’s Utopia
Q&A moderated by Mikkel Frantzen

Passcode: 468685


8th 8-9.30 PM CET
Kim Stanley Robinson
Ecology and Utopia
Q&A moderated by Lara Monticelli

Passcode: 090280

16th 8-9.30 PM CET
Francoise Vergès
Utopia as Horizon: Life in Rehearsal
Q&A moderated by Daniela Agostinho

Passcode: 419272